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Getting Started in Acrylics

Materials, basic techniques, everything to get you painting!

This FREE course is a collection of materials and videos showing you the basics of acrylic painting, and painting in general.

Each of the classes will show you step by step the materials you will need, and demonstrate everything you need to complete your painting. "Fall Color" is a great beginning project!

In this course I've compiled various small videos I've made on specific techniques, exercises, and other info.

Your Instructor

Karen Ilari
Karen Ilari

As a full time acrylic artist and teacher living in Portland, Oregon. I am inspired by the amazing natural and man made beauty around me. Painting is my way of stopping all the busy madness of life for a moment. I slow down and study what is around me, the colors and shapes, the beauty that we pass every day but stop seeing because it is familiar. With each painting I try to tell a story, to share all the sensations of the day. Sounds, smells, and emotions. The paintings remind me to live each day with an open heart and an open mind. To slow down and enjoy life!

I paint outdoors "en pein air" as well as indoors in my studio. I will often spend a day out painting, taking lots of photos, and then come back to the studio to develop my painting further. My process involves many layers of acrylic paint on canvas. This creates depth, texture and interest throughout the canvas. I often become happily immersed in the process for many hours at a time.

I also love to pass on what I've learned about painting. I teach locally in Portland, as well as here online. I host a free online Art Community website as well. You are most welcome to join me and the other members to share your art and ideas with painters from around the world!

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